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What Is Sonophoto Studios?

Sonophoto Studios is the artistic outlet of Brig Young and his creative endeavors. This website publishes commentary on web and internet programming, music related news, equipment reviews of selected musical equipment, and of course, original music by Brig Young and others.

What does “Sonophoto” mean?

Sono is the greek noun for Sound and Photo is the greek noun for light. The website is actually Sonophoto Studios with the combination of Sonophoto suggesting the perspective of “Sound as Light.”

Do you need a custom love song for your sweetheart? Theme song for you new video? Jingle for your business? Got an idea for a Ringtone? I can create pretty much anything you can come up with in the themes and styles that you hear on this site. Note: All compositional work is licensed only; I’m happy to perform your original music on a “work for hire” basis if you would just like to use my style of performance for your recording.


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