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Hi, I’m Brig Young, the madness behind this website. So the thing is, I don’t teach guitar lessons online or in person but I get asked about Guitar Lessons fairly often. My answer is that I am more of a composer and performer than a teacher. (I do reserve the right to teach Masterclasses on my own original music in the future 🙂 )

What follows is my answer to anyone asking me about guitar lessons…


iVideoSongs - Free Online Guitar Lessons, Image used under Fair Use in US Copyright Law
Last year I decided to learn more songs to add some diversity to my repertoire. I am obsessed with blues based hard rock and metal which maybe left me in a rut musically. I’ve covered “Limelight” by the band Rush for several years but in my own raucuous style and full well knowing I wasn’t playing it “note for note”. A quick search on YouTube revealed a masterclass taught by Alex himself: Limelight. Alex’s video went through all of the parts step by step. I got very excited and learned all of his parts and adapted them into how I played the song. My solo for Limelight is essentially the same as Alex’s version but without the vibrato bar or harmonics — Sorry, Not Sorry, I’m fine with doing my own thing. After I had Alex’s rhythm guitar parts for Limelight down I found that Alex also did a video lesson on Tom Sawyer (ALEX: Do Red Barchetta!!!).

Even though I am looking for masterclass level lessons, iVideoSongs is a fantastic choice for Free Beginner Guitar Lessons. If you are an intermediate guitar player their channel is a wealth of information on all kinds of guitar techniques. iVideoSongs also hosts a number of other masterclasses like the Limelight video by Alex Lifeson.

iVideoSongs: Free Beginner Guitar Lessons
iVideoSongs: Main Channel on YouTube
iVideoSongs: Acoustic Guitar Lessons on YouTube
iVideoSongs: Masterclasses on Beatles Songs

In addition to free lessons on YouTube, There are a number of fantastic guitarists that offer premium content on Patreon, SubscribeStar or their own websites where you pay them for lessons just like a regular guitar teacher. When you sign up for paid subscriptions you get greater detail, tablature, opportunities to ask them questions and get direct answers, and some even offer one-on-one lessons via Skype or other video conferencing software.

What follows are 100% UNPAID endorsements of guitarists whose lessons I have studied and applied in my own playing. Each of these artists has free content on YouTube so you can “try before you buy” and a couple of them offer free trials of their paid content.

Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce - LA Session Guitarist, Image used with permission
Tim Pearce is a session guitarist in Los Angeles and has a list of credits that sounds like a who’s who of the Pop and R&B genres. Tim’s lessons are for intermediate and advanced guitarists and include a wealth of information on how to succeed as a full time professional guitarist. He has lessons on composition, improvisation, musicianship and your responsibilites when you are helping other artists realize their own work in the studio. Tim has a paid course for intermediate and advancing guitarists called “Tim Pierce’s Masterclass” If you are already a capable player and willing to put in the work to succeed as a full time guitarist this is the course to take. He also has numerous lessons and informative videos on YouTube.

Full Disclosure: I’m a paying customer of Tim Pierce’s Masterclass, If you are an intermediate or advanced guitarist his lessons are out of this world and just what you need to build your career as a guitarist

Tim Pierce: “The ONE Technique That CHANGES Everything”
Tim Pierce: Tim’s YouTube Channel
Tim Pierce: Tim Pierce’s Masterclass (Get a 14 day Free Trial)

Rick Beato

Rick Beato - Producer and Guitarist, Image used under Fair Use in US Copyright Law
Rick Beato is a well known Music Producer but he started his career in music by auditioning for music schools as a classical guitarist. Like many of us, his initial attempts at success failed but he used perseverance to overcome the obstacles he faced with willpower and work-ethic to achieve his dream. Rick’s intial failures in auditions led him to hire a guitar tutor and after six months of hard work learning classical guitar technique he auditioned again and got into music school. Rick’s work includes “The Beato Book” which teaches many aspects of music theory, an online ear training course, and a mountain of YouTube videos analyzing some of the most important songs in the Rock and Roll repertoire. Rick is an amazing talent and it is well worth your time (and money) to check him out:

Rick Beato: “The Secret to Efficient Practicing”
Rick Beato: Guitar (Search Results on YouTube)
Rick Beato: The famous “Beato Book” of music theory
Rick Beato: Rick’s Ear Training Program

Ben Eller

Ben Eller - Metal Guitarist, Image used under Fair Use in US Copyright Law
Ben “Uncle Ben” Eller is a heavy metal shredder who has carved out a teaching career for himself on YouTube and Patreon. Ben makes great videos spiced with wry humor and deep knowledge of the guitar. A veteran metal guitarist, “Uncle Ben’s” experience with guitar can help you move yourself from beginner to intermediate in no time at all if you are willing to put in the work. I have not used any paid material from Ben’s Patreon page but if it is as good as his YouTube videos — for the cost of 1 regular music store lesson each month he provides tablature, in depth videos and the opportunity to ask him questions and get answers.

Ben Eller: “Why You Suck at Guitar” (Hilarious)
Ben Eller: YouTube Channel
Ben Eller: Patreon Channel

Paul Davids

Paul Davids - Eclectic Guitarist, Image used under Fair Use in US Copyright Law
Paul Davids is a monster guitarist that plays numerous styles and genres of music. His YouTube channel features lessons on Epic Riffs, brilliant insights on music theory, tips on producing and mixing guitar music, ear training and technical tricks. His videos are short and focused and allow you to pick something interesting and then spend an hour listening to his instruction and more importantly playing what he is teaching. Paul has a quiet approach which is easy to listen to. Paul also has a sense of humor and spices up his videos with comedy and highly skilled video editing.

Paul Davids: Analyzes John Mayer’s “Neon”
Paul Davids: YouTube Channel
Paul Davids: Patreon Channel

Carl Brown

Carl Brown - Master Guitar Teacher, Image used under Fair Use in US Copyright Law
Carl Brown is the mastermind behind the GL365 Academy Guitar School. Carl teaches lessons for beginners and advancing guitarists. If you are just starting out on guitar Carl’s online guitar academy is your best bet. With over 20 years of experience as a guitar teacher he has the skill to get you up to speed fast. My first exposure to Carl was with lessons he teaches on you tube that go over individual songs step by step. Carl’s videos feature a unique 3 way view with individual close ups of his fretboard fingerings and his picking technique. If you are having a hard time understanding something in a song you are learning search for it on his YouTube Channel. He has lessons on over 1000 songs from Aerosmith to ZZ-Top on youtube that will help you get the riffs, intros and solos down solid. If you are ready to get serious about learning guitar his paid course is less per month than a single 30 minute guitar lesson at a music store.

Carl Brown: Teaches Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”
Carl Brown: YouTube channel
Carl Brown: GL365 $19.99/month with 7 day Free Trial

All of these guitarists are great instructors, but there are others as well, these are just my favorites from YouTube and I have learned something about the art of playing guitar from all of them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, I hope it has been helpful and I hope that you can fulfill your dream of becoming a great guitar player!

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