Empire of Darkness

“Empire of Darkness” is a rage against the spirit of Darkness and Evil that is spreading across the face of the Earth like a plague. There is a indeed a darkness that is stalking us, it infects those that lust after power and money – leading them to choices and actions that are inhuman and vicious. Can you see it? No? Then look into their eyes…

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Empire of Darkness is Copyrighted music: Copyright 2014 Brig Young, Sonophoto Studios.

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Mixed for regular speakers, more conventional bass, people afraid of blowing speakers

DIRECT DOWNLOAD MP3—> Empire of Darkness, An Open Secret, 320bit MP3 (REGULAR Mix)


Mixed for Ear-buds, Tiny Speakers, or Thunderous Bass

DIRECT DOWNLOAD MP3—> Empire of Darkness, An Open Secret, 320bit MP3 (EARBUDS Mix)

Lyrics Download in PDF:

Lyrics: Empire of Darkness

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