“Enigma” was originally inspired by an aquaintence that I have never really gotten to know because of fate and circumstance. It makes me think of the quality of uncertainty that life has, of that missing something that a finger can never be put upon.

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There are always questions that cannot be answered. Sometimes we aren’t smart enough to answer a question or to see that answer when it is in front of us. Other times we can’t provide the answer, we can only ask the question and hope that someone with the answer will respond.

Hopefully, if the Fates weave in my favor, I’ll get an answer to my question. But then the answer will no longer be an Enigma, this piece will no longer be the vision that it was meant to be – and that is why you get to hear this Rough Cut.

Enigma is Copyrighted music: Copyright 2009 Brig Young.

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I reserve all other rights, If you would like to use my music for any purpose, private or commercial Ask First! I will very likely give you permission and then we can be friends and you can have a clean conscience.

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Enigma, An Open Secret, 320bit MP3

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