Leaves in the Wind

Leaves in the Wind is dedicated to my friend Jen. It is inspired by the twists and turns of fate that play out in all of our lives…

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During Fall, my favorite time of year, leaves fall from the trees in a colorful dance of chaos. Each individual leaf falls on its own unique course as it comes to rest on the ground below. Each leaf, like each person in our world, charts a unique course. We would all like to think that we determine our course entirely of our free will, but in the end, we have to admit that we are merely Leaves in the Wind.

I tried to capture this chaotic dance of individuality in 3 minutes and 53 seconds of sound. Based on the key of E Minor this piece is a high energy solo guitar over a pristinely clean and very mildly chorused arpeggiated rhythm figure. The rhythm of nature is carried by the underlying guitar. The sun rises and the sun falls, winds come and winds go, it rains, it pours, and then it dries again. The solo reflects the consistency of our individuality while admitting the chaotic and unpredictable currents that defy our wills.

Leaves in the Wind is Copyrighted music: Copyright 2009 Brig Young.

You may not give away copies of my music to anyone for any reason. I encourage you to share my music with everyone you know, but please, respect my rights as the creator and tell your friends to come to this website. Thanks!

I reserve all other rights, If you would like to use my music for any purpose, private or commercial Ask First! I will very likely give you permission and then we can be friends and you can have a clean conscience.

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Leaves In The Wind, An Open Secret, 320bit MP3

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