His work now, more than 2 decades later, defines the standard of virtuosity. There are legions of great guitarists, I can name many of them and discuss their work and point out their influences in my own music, – but there is only one Satch.

What do you get when you mix UK dance thump, an energetic dancer, a virtuoso violinist, a bag of giggles, a Colorado ice castle, and a youtube channel?

Pink, Fans, and the Psychosis of Celebrity.

Somewhere along the way a disconnect has grown between the fans of an artist and the artist herself. The image takes over, we feel entitled to something more than a CD and a great cover photo. We expect them to agree with out politics, live our approved lifestyles, and support our chosen causes. We expect them to be perfect every single day.

You may have heard many arguments from friends telling you that “free” music is the wave of the future, Right? Consider this question: How many of those people are actually gifted and productive artists? How many of them are devoted full time to the production of music or art of any sort? My Friends, it is the Creator of a work of art that holds the right to determine, how, when and where their published works are exhibited…

It is not just about Coursera and its videos either. These courses are enrolling tens of thousands of students so there is not even the remotest chance that your comments, insights or questions are ever going to be addressed by someone with verifiable competence such as the University professor or her TAs and RAs.

I got bored of the old theme and decided to hack together a new look. Front and center, (well… Backgrounded and tiled) is the artwork of my friend Sarah Hultin. Sarah does larger format paintings that have a depth, both physically…