Hunger Strike!

#HungerStrike, Day 8 18-April-2014 12:31:17 Wheeew…. Feeling despondent, deprived of all hope, security, choice, privacy… No-not me, but human beings like me with exactly the same rights – locked away in solitary confinement, continuous torture from sound, light, temperature, physical assault… #Rendition #Guantanamo #CIA #CRUEL #UNUSUAL …Just Think About It, what would happen in your mind if you were “mis-taken” for someone else… I RT-ed images from Syria today, read …Read the Rest

The world is full of propaganda, no doubt. But propaganda is about “who killed who”, Remember? Photos of dead children are still dead children, you think someone has faked hundreds and hundreds of them? A video of a grown man in combat gear strangling a young girl in a dress is just that. The much abused Occam’s Razor is about removing hypotheticals — so remove them.

It is this mindset of “Us versus Them” that changes normal loving human beings into genocidal monsters. It is this mindset that their Oath means whatever they are told it means that leads to mass murder and war crimes. These people are told they are exceptional, they are more important than “civilians.” They are told that their neighbors are “domestic terrorists” if they speak out against government actions or dissent by refusing to comply with unlawful orders. I hope you can see clearly where this type of thinking leads…

At this point I am so sick to my guts of the murderous disregard for women and children I honestly don’t want to eat. How can a human being cause harm to a child or defenseless woman and continue living in their own skin.

My name is Brig Young, I’m the artist behind the music project Sonophoto Studios. For years I have been haunted by photographs from all over the world of dead babies, starving babies, refugee babies. These children did not die because of natural causes, they died because of the individual decisions of their fellow “human beings.” These decisions range from abuses by power mad police to bloodthirsty soldiers to apathetic drone …Read the Rest