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So let’s consider a hypothetical situation: Your small business has a website. One of the founding employees knew how to put together a website and set it up. Its got some decent networking features and quite a few of your regular customers have been promoting the site to their friends. In fact, it is becoming a key part of your marketing and customer retention plans. However, you just discovered this …Read the Rest

This north Idaho towing business didn’t need a web consultant and design teams, they need more customer phone calls. For $970 (US) including a full year of hosting, a domain name, processing dozens of old photos for web use, copywriting, etc., they are getting just that.

…these folks just wanted a simple setup for exercising their right to free speech. The total cost for setting up this site? $270 plus hosting. Sure, they could have used blogger, or some other “free hosting” for their blog but this client understood that “free” doesn’t really mean “free” at all, it actually means “trapped.” They decided to choose real liberty and have complete control over their domain, their software, their database and their copyrights.