Do you need foot traffic? Do you need calls for appointments? Do you run a hair salon? An ethnic restaurant? A local bakery? A brew pub? A hobby shop? A bicycle shop?, A coffee house? A second hand store? Are you a Chiropractor? Maybe you are an Herbalist? In short, for most any business that needs foot traffic — my method is exactly what you are looking for. So keep reading, you will be glad you did.

Enigma is a Rough Cut that will eventually evolve into a more finished piece.

Leaves in the Wind is dedicated to my friend Jen. It is inspired by the twists and turns of fate that play out in all of our lives.

Image via Wikipedia When I was in 7th grade at Lakeridge Junior High in Orem Utah I took a music class and discovered the Ukulele.  I loved the feel of the strings under my fingers and the sensation of the vibrations traveling through my fingers as I played. That was where my love for touching strings took root. A year later in 1978 I was hanging out with my older …Read the Rest