Google and SEO (Panda and Penguin)

All along my sites have been built and designed using honest SEO, in other words I look at your business, your customers and your market and build a set of keywords that accurately reflect your business and what your customers are looking for. Every site I have built in the past year jumped up in Google’s listings by at least one page when they implemented their “Penguin” upgrade. Honesty does pay (eventually).

Remembering Donna Summers

Dear reader, I guarantee you, no matter what style of music you listen too etc., you have heard Donna Summers, many, many times. Songs like “Highway Runner”, “Last Dance”, Summer’s Children”, “MacArthur Park”, “Romeo”, “On the Radio” and of course “Bad Girls” have been the soundtrack for millions of listener’s lives. It may seem odd …

A Recipe for Disaster?

So let’s consider a hypothetical situation: Your small business has a website. One of the founding employees knew how to put together a website and set it up. Its got some decent networking features and quite a few of your regular customers have been promoting the site to their friends. In fact, it is becoming …

The Hidden Solution

Why does this hidden solution work so well? Ironically, because it is utterly honest. Instead of using so called “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) and trying to con the search engines with questionable methods (that can get your entire domain banned from search engines) I analyze your business’ strength’s, location, and customer base…

What it takes

It takes an enormous amount of work to create a single piece of music, yet we are working and living in a market that places almost no financial value on recorded music. Part of the reason for this is that their is so much music out there. Being heard in the chaos is not so hard but being remembered for more than three minutes and twenty seconds can take some serious work.

Want your own private, G-rated social network?

…these folks just wanted a simple setup for exercising their right to free speech. The total cost for setting up this site? $270 plus hosting. Sure, they could have used blogger, or some other “free hosting” for their blog but this client understood that “free” doesn’t really mean “free” at all, it actually means “trapped.” They decided to choose real liberty and have complete control over their domain, their software, their database and their copyrights.