HungerStrike, Day 8

#HungerStrike, Day 8
18-April-2014 12:31:17

Wheeew…. Feeling despondent, deprived of all hope, security, choice, privacy…

No-not me, but human beings like me with exactly the same rights – locked away in solitary confinement, continuous torture from sound, light, temperature, physical assault…

#Rendition #Guantanamo #CIA #CRUEL #UNUSUAL

…Just Think About It, what would happen in your mind if you were “mis-taken” for someone else…

I RT-ed images from Syria today, read more of the blood and horror that has occurred there. I offended some people. RT-ing images can do that, especially with before and after death photos. The Germans were herded out to see their concentrations camps. …but alas… it was too long a trip to herd the Americans to Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Dresden Germany. You can still find the before and afters for all of that too, very popular. The point is not that Americans are bad < (gotta say that for the hyper-PC #teaparty folks)> it is that EVERYONE needs to be wary of a common problem…

You can stalk me on twitter, hopefully you aren’t a murderer, prepare to be offended from time to time… well unless you are a murderer of course – I won’t be posting anything you haven’t seen before…

#Syria #Proxy #War #FSACrimes #ISISCrimes

…still a struggle to keep up energy and it has been a long day….

I decided to use Hashtags to help conserve US Taxpayer’s money. This way #NSA #CIA #FBI and the rest of #ALPHABETSOUP can index my thoughts more efficiently

Listen to “Empire of Darkness” it will help you focus on whats really wrong with the world. Normal human beings work past their differences and conflicts; these differences may be cultural, racial, national, demographic, geographic, or something else; normal people find a way to work things out… People that can’t, won’t or lie about it and betray have a problem. People that steal and mug and rob and fraud have a problem. People that murder, rape, and terrorize have a problem. Its a criminal darkness, a lying spirit… and That spirit has built an Empire of Darkness.

Tell the World!

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