Hunger Strike, Day 7

Beginning of Day Seven.
Midnight, 17th of April, 2014

This is becoming the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It is startling how quickly you become drained of energy. As your energy ebbs away your mind becomes drifty… – but I have actually been exhilarated by it in a way: I have felt closer to the light than any time I can remember. The passion I feel for the outrage of vicious men (and women) harming women and children has seeped deep into my bones. My level of commitment has grown and I will force change in some way, G-d help me…

I feel guilty right now. I have to be available for work for the next 72 hours. My clients insist that I be able to do the job. It takes energy, stamina, speed, and mental alertness. I don’t have any of those right now, nowhere near what is required. I’ve only been drinking a quart (litre) of gatorade and roughly a quart and a half of water each day plus a vitamin pill. A couple of sodas, and some coffee to pay for net-cafes a couple of times. (one of them is sitting on my porch half full, nasty!)

The fact is that this won’t do it for work. I won support for this strike with the condition that I drink protein shakes or chocolate milk before and during this period. How much seems to be a half gallon a day or so, about 900 calories. So technically you could insist that I am on a liquids only strike, ok. I encourage you to not eat a single nibble of solid food for six days and then do this – It makes it worse.

I am almost overpowered by the emotions I feel when I think of all the images I have seen and the stories I have heard and read about the death and destruction of women and children. These are not old stories of Nazis and Bolshevik death squads, these are not old images. You go to the main stream search engines in America and you get just that – black and white photos of Nazis and Pol Pot.

You understand, it happened just yesterday, Right? Go to Twitter and search for feeds from Syria. Search for #FSACrimes, #ISISCrimes. You will have nightmares. I do. You have to sort through some of the propaganda and psyops garbage of various governments to figure out who killed who (it is generally obvious) – but like I said yesterday (or was it the day before?) somebody pulled a trigger, somebody dropped a mortar shell down a tube, somebody armed and abandoned a landmine, somebody launched a missile, somebody dropped a bomb. You see the common theme here…

If you are on follow people that are IN Syria, People that ARE Syrians. You will be shocked out of your soul what has happened in Syria. The anti-Assad rebels, go into towns, murder city elders – and chop off their heads and hang them from the power lines. They have murdered hundreds of ENTIRE FAMILIES. Remember too, I said Anti-Assad Rebels. Lately they have been using 50 gallon drums of explosives and chlorine tanks with explosives to crack them open. It is a documented fact that they have been seen in the past month with US TOW Missiles! This is a serious heavy weapon, very restricted, where the hell did they get these???

The world is full of propaganda, no doubt. But propaganda is about “who killed who”, Remember? Photos of dead children are still dead children, you think someone has faked hundreds and hundreds of them? A video of a grown man in combat gear strangling a young girl in a dress is just that. The much abused Occam’s Razor is about removing hypotheticals — so remove them.

G-d Bless Mankind, Have Mercy!

A friend of mine pointed out that I should do a “podcast” since I have a studio after all, I’ll start doing that…


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