Hunger Strike! Day 6

How do people become indoctrinated into the culture of violence? This culture of one human being oppressing another by unjust use of force? It isn’t just street criminals afterall…

Below is a very interesting article that discusses some of the mindset behind the Neo-American phenomenon of militarized “law enforcement.” These same ideas apply to many of the famous genocidal maniacs of the past from Genghis Khan to Adolf Hitler…

Cowboys and Government Thugs, The Cows Come Home

Essentially, the US government has made an end-run around the 3rd Amendment to the US Constitution and the well known “Posse Comitatus Act” to convert US civilian police forces into defacto military units. In the past 15 years or so it appears that many US government regulatory agencies have armed themselves with heavy weapons, military equipment, and many hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition.

For example, why does an agency that is charged with monitoring and protecting public lands need personnel equipped with military gear and military weapons? Certainly they have a right to defend their lives and keep and bear the means to do so – ALL mankind have that Right – but these are military troops, specifically light infantry; this is obvious to any honest person.

It is this mindset of “Us versus Them” that changes normal loving human beings into genocidal monsters. It is this mindset that their Oath means whatever they are told it means that leads to mass murder and war crimes. These people are told they are exceptional, they are more important than “civilians.” They are told that their neighbors are “domestic terrorists” if they speak out against government actions or dissent by refusing to comply with unlawful orders. I hope you can see clearly where this type of thinking leads…

Will these people kill women and children protesting their actions — Should we wait and see? Or do we Stand up and say: NO!

Read the article, then ask yourself: “What will I do?”

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