Hunger Strike, Day 5

Today hasn’t been too bad. I put up a twitter storm to followers for Retweet while sitting in a tavern that was having steak nite. Some friends were about this evening and couldn’t believe I was sitting around people eating steaks after almost 5 days of no food.

For me, it is easy. At this point I am so sick to my guts of the murderous disregard for women and children I honestly don’t want to eat. How can a human being cause harm to a child or defenseless woman and continue living in their own skin. This protest is not about government mass murder, it is about the individual human beings that follow orders without regard to there legality (War Crimes are universally illegal).

We have often heard this excuse over the years: “I was just following orders!” Does this excuse ring hollow when you know the speaker herded Jews into concentration camps? Does following orders justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of Armenian women and children in Turkey? Does “just following orders” justify Rape and Murder? Theft and Robbery? Any crime at all?

There is a group of people in the United States of America that have organized themselves to clarify to their fellow soldiers, sailors, police and other oath taking public servants of their duty under the US Constitution. That duty is to protect the people, that duty is NOT to follow orders blindly.

Stop by and see what they have to say about themselves, these men and women will not murder innocents. Period. They will not rob them of their food and medicine. Period. They will not run them out of their homes and into concentration camps. Period. They will not rob them of the means to defend themselves against others that would do these things. Period. They are Oath Keepers, and they are Real Heroes.

Oath Keepers: Defenders of the Republic

Oath Keepers: Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey

Thank you for your support, and double to my fans and followers on Twitter, you guys are awesome.

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