Hunger Strike!

My name is Brig Young, I’m the artist behind the music project Sonophoto Studios.

For years I have been haunted by photographs from all over the world of dead babies, starving babies, refugee babies. These children did not die because of natural causes, they died because of the individual decisions of their fellow “human beings.” These decisions range from abuses by power mad police to bloodthirsty soldiers to apathetic drone operators to bat shit crazy terrorists that hang human heads on power lines like laundry…

Tell me, what is the difference between police officers that bust into a family’s home and shoot a 12 year old girl in the head because she jumped from a couch startled by the violent intrusion and a terrorist that kills children with bombs to force a political agenda?

From the perspective of a murdered child there is no difference.

Tell me, what is the difference between a rapist that drags a woman into the bushes with a knife to her throat, and a cop that drags a naked 13 year old out of a bathtub at gunpoint in her own home because her dad sold someone a bird feather?

From the perspective of a rape victim there is no difference.

This strike is not political, it is not about governments, it is not about NGOs, It is not about police, it is not about terrorism, or war crimes, or war criminals, or globalists or the NWO. This strike is to draw attention to the fact that it is individual human beings making choices to perpetrate these hideous crimes. They make these choices because they choose to do so. Period; every excuse be damned.

It does not matter to the victims whether they hide behind a badge or hide behind human shields.

To my mind, any male that thinks of himself as manly ought to hold women in the highest regard; every human being that has ever lived owes their life to a mother that suffered to bring them into this world and give them the precious gift of life.

To my mind, any male that thinks of himself as manly ought to be ready to step in and protect children from violence, protect them from having their lives shattered, protect them from the nightmares of trauma and violence.

Any male that does not has No Claim to the title “Man” because he isn’t a man, he is an animal and a coward – and utterly worthless to the human race.

I ask you to join me. Contribute what you can – and I don’t need your money – I need your time and devotion to spreading awareness that it is individuals making choices that cause these murders and abuses to occur. Go on hunger strikes, flood social media with images of dead babies and butchered families – Make the world stare at this murderous scene and understand that individual human beings perpetrated these crimes.

I am 100% for real, I have not had a single piece of solid food in four full days as I write this, I am in fact painfully hungry right now, but with each moment I look into the eyes of children starving because of power mad men and my hunger means nothing to me.

Join me! – I swear on my life and my love of it, I will not back down. I will be posting daily as this continues and you can follow me on twitter @Sonophoto.

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