Joe Satriani: Unstoppable Momentum

Joe Satriani’s “Unstoppable Momentum” is possibly the most important album of the 21st century.

Hyperbole? Maybe… I have a special place in my heart for Joe Satriani. Back in the late 80s and 90s he wrote a column called “Guitar Secrets” in the old school magazine Guitar for the Practicing Musician (Out of Print, see link…). I anticipated every issue, the exercises and the insights went far beyond basic rock riffs and licks. His insights on the instrument were profound and his encouraging words would get me through difficult hours trying to get something to sound just right. Joe Satriani – Guitar Secrets

His work now, more than 2 decades later, defines the standard of virtuosity. There are legions of great guitarists, I can name many of them and discuss their work and point out their influences in my own music, – but there is only one Satch.

Twenty five years ago I paid $8 for his original LP “Not of this Earth”; is selling his latest CD for $10. That is a great deal!

Never heard of Joe? Don’t have 10 bucks for a CD? No problem, check him out on youtube:

Here is a tube of Satch discussing the making of Unstoppable Momentum at Skywalker Studios. See the other musicians on the CD (also virtuosos of their own arts) and the techies behind the scenes! Great Vid!

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