Pink, Fans, and the Psychosis of Celebrity.

Are you a Fan? Do you really care about your favorite musicians? Sure, you like the music and the popular image of the celebrity known as [Performer Name] – but do you ever consider the actual human being behind the corporate brand? Many sad examples show that all celebrities have the same weaknesses and stresses as the rest of us.

Why do we expect them to be super-human?

Touring performers are amongst the hardest working in all of the performance arts. Endless days of travel, living out of a suitcase in hotel rooms and buses, long separations from close friends and family. Then there is the stress of being the object of adulation, the super-human performer, on her best game every night, sending 30,000+ awe-struck fanatics scrambling for the merchandise, CDs and autographs. If the artist is one member of a band, the burden is shared when someone is ill or having a hard day, sometimes there may even be an under-study or back-up player. But for a soloist performer like Pink, things are not that simple, she is the show and without her – there is no show.

Photo of Alecia Moore AKA Pink
The woman behind the legend: Alecia Moore AKA Pink

Somewhere along the way a disconnect has grown between some of the fans of an artist and the artist herself. The image has taken over, fans feel entitled to something more than a CD and a great cover photo. Some even expect her to agree with their politics, their lifestyles, and support their chosen causes. Many even expect her to be perfect every single day. The stark reality is that this diva is a human being. She is gifted, devoted, and amazing – I could listen to Alecia’s voice all day long – but she is still a human being and on some rare days she can’t pull it off.

Remember that the next time you skip a day of work with some lame excuse.

This is a message from Alecia in her own words; you might call it Tears from Birmingham, but she just calls it her message: Pink’s Message about Birmingham

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