Are You a Fan or a Thief?

I just read a great article by Justin Colletti over at Sonic Scoop. He discusses the realities behind the abuse of artists and their materials by content thieves and other criminals – and shows methods that can be used to effectively fight back.

You may have heard many arguments from friends telling you that “free” music is the wave of the future, Right? Consider this question: How many of those people are actually gifted and productive artists? How many of them are devoted full time to the production of music or art of any sort? My Friends, it is the Creator of a work of art that holds the right to determine, how, when and where their published works are exhibited – How can you think of yourself as a fan of some artist when, in fact, what you are doing is stealing the value of their work and violating their rights? You can rationalize this all you wish, but at the end of the day – you either pay your own way with your own sweat, or you are a thief living off the sweat of others as if they were your slaves.

Check out the methods that Justin has found to fight back against content theives: Taking Control of Your Music Online

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