New Client, Classical Idea.

I am very happy to announce that I have started work on a brand new web site for a new client. The client is a publishing company that specializes in curriculums for classical liberal arts education to be used for self-education and home-schooling. Note, before you go off on some rant about politics and “democrats” (I hear this often) I recommend that you first find out what we are talking about here: Liberal Arts Education

This company is in the process of developing their first product which is a curriculum for teaching pre-highschool kids the principles of the liberal arts trivium through computer programming. It takes a very unique approach to teaching young minds how to think about the world around them. The process begins with direct observation of the world around them and the use of logic and analysis on these observation to create new knowledge and a deeper understanding of things that the student has already learned…

I’ll update with a website address as soon as we have the site ready for publication.

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