New Look for Sonophoto Studios

I got bored of the old theme and decided to hack together a new look. Front and center, (well… Backgrounded and tiled) is the artwork of my friend Sarah Hultin. Sarah does larger format paintings that have a depth, both physically and visually that is simply amazing. Her insight and perspective are stunning when you consider that she is only 20 something. Her website is a must see! Sarah Hultin’s Website.

My latest web design project is a new website for someone that is selling antique electronic calculators. I actually use an HP 42S almost every day, it is 24 years old this year — More on that later!

News Flash:
I hope you missed it but my theme hacking got carried away and crashed my site. Its quick and easy to develop live but you have to be careful and ready to rebuild databases, themes, even plugins when you make a mess. In this case a little practice is a good thing.

Are you ready to start your new website? Give me a call:

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