Remembering Donna Summers

Dear reader, I guarantee you, no matter what style of music you listen too etc., you have heard Donna Summers, many, many times. Songs like “Highway Runner”, “Last Dance”, Summer’s Children”, “MacArthur Park”, “Romeo”, “On the Radio” and of course “Bad Girls” have been the soundtrack for millions of listener’s lives.

It may seem odd for a rock guitarist to have been influenced by disco, but its a fact in this case. When I was a young kid I loved disco. I liked the energy and rhythm of the music. I only remember a few things like the Star Wars Disco Soundtrack and Sister Sledge stand out as well. Donna Summers is one artist that I remember very specifically not just because of her work in disco, but an evolving and growing body of work that spanned numerous styles across 4 1/2 decades. She is a performer’s performer and that is the way I will always remember her.

Two of my favorite movies as a teenager were Flashdance and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Donna is credited on both soundtracks, check them out:

Wikipedia: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Wikipedia: Flashdance

The article I read when I first heard of this sad news…

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