A Recipe for Disaster?

So let’s consider a hypothetical situation: Your small business has a website. One of the founding employees knew how to put together a website and set it up. Its got some decent networking features and quite a few of your regular customers have been promoting the site to their friends. In fact, it is becoming a key part of your marketing and customer retention plans. However, you just discovered this morning…

… Your site isn’t there. You reload the page, check your network conection, still… no site.

6 months ago that founding employee moved on to a bigger paycheck (after all, she was a sharp, bright kid, right?)

Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Do you have a plan for dealing with this? Do you have the master administration password for your domain and hosting service? Nope? This scenario happens all the time, for lots of different reasons, often with bad consequences.

Do you have a file folder that contains UP TO DATE login information for your accounts?

Do you have a current email address listed on all of your domain registrations?

Does your site automatically back itself up?

Do you know how to restore the site if the server crashes?
Oh I forgot, your service provider backs it all up, right? No doubt your website is the most important thing on their mind when their server crashes…

There is a lot more to running a professional website than knowing HTML tags or being able to use some gee-whiz design software. You need to have a deep understanding of how the internet works, how the multitude of technologies interact with each other. You need several years of experience to know what methods are tested and reliable and which ones are the same traps beginners fall into over and over.

Every site built by Sonophoto Studios from the most basic to the most advanced features an automatic backup system, a single file you keep in your safe with all of your account details, and a disaster plan that will have your site back online within minutes when possible; as fast as possible otherwise.

Every business needs an information systems expert on staff, with Sonophoto Studios you can get top notch expertise but only pay for what you need…

Call now, and sleep better tonight…

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