What it takes

This website has been up for awhile. It was put up when I started my CD project. The purpose? Just to have a place to share some of my music with the world while I took all of the time I needed to finish a CD.

It takes an enormous amount of work to create a single piece of music, yet we are working and living in a market that places almost no financial value on recorded music…

Part of the reason for this is that their is so much music out there. Being heard in the chaos is not so hard but being remembered for more than three minutes and twenty seconds can take some serious work. This amount of work can be less than appealing when you realize that not only do you not get paid, but you have spent $10,000 cash and almost 3000 hours on music in the past 3 years.

They say some people do it for love, other people do it for money, I say that if you don’t do it for your audience, please keep it in your bedroom.

Robin Davey has some good advice for all of us, I’ve been applying a couple of these tidbits myself for a couple of years and I highly recommend them all:

10 Tips To Getting Ahead In The New Music Industry

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