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If you are in charge of supervising the building of a complex and highly integrated website for a local TV station, you might want to hire a consulting company that specializes in media. Why? Because they have the extra staff, expertise and man hours to get your job done efficiently. A TV station is going to have a minimum of 2 dozen people that are “invested” in the decision process and there will be three meetings for every single color on the entire site. The site will have to interoperate with different departments, you will need special meetings with users for interface design, and on and on. There is nothing wrong with this process at all, if that is what you need, but it gets very expensive very fast. Companies that do this type of work also think big picture: If you aren’t big, you can’t afford to be in their picture…

This is where my background comes in. Being the “Go To” programmer for a research lab with 2 dozen graduate students will either expand your skillset on a weekly basis – or drive you to alternative employment. The job includes tasks like a “one off” extraction and conversion of data from a file format you have never heard of to a format that was just released last week – to teaching students how to use specific features in esoteric software to solve equally esoteric equations. I took it one step further: I built software that started equation solvers from pre-configured files and output finished websites with interpretations of raw data and digested data converted to videos. — One Click.

I’ve seen the big picture: my employer didn’t need raw data and technical support, my employer needed information for making decisions about experiments. Just like you, that employer needed a skilled professional with good judgment and creative insight, not techno-balbble.

Please note, it is important to understand that my services are not the solution to every business problem. That is why you will need to give me a call to do a free analysis of your business’ current website, search ranking and goals. A screwdriver is no good for driving nails…

This north Idaho towing business didn’t need a web consultant and design teams, they need more customer phone calls. For $970 (US) including a full year of hosting, a domain name, processing dozens of old photos for web use, copywriting, etc., they are getting just that:

Client Site: Brandt Brothers Trucking: Moscow, Idaho, USA

Skip the consultants, go directly to a finished site!

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