Want your own private, G-rated social network?

Of course there is more to life than just work. I’ve also set up a private social network (like facebook) for some folks that wanted a controlled, G-Rated environment for their friends and family. They had someone that was willing to pay up-front for the site development and hosting… 2 weeks later they had a private, password protected, social network and they no longer needed to worry about profanity, undesirable advertisements, and invasions of their privacy.

It isn’t “free” like facebook, but it really didn’t cost that much. The total cost to setup and program the site, including about $5 a year per person for the first year of hosting and site maintenance, was under $20 per person for their group. After the first year it will then cost less than $5(US) per person per year. That is a cheap price to pay for real privacy and a more controllable environment for children and families to share their lives together with good friends.

The internet and web servers can be used to do all kinds of things besides running an e-commerce site. From simple blogs to more complex social networks to control interfaces for telescopes, Tim Berners-Lee’s invention has expanded far beyond its simple origin as a means of publishing a web of interconnected scientific research to a world wide audience.

I can’t show you the social network site of course, its private ;), but how about this political commentary site? Nothing complicated here, these folks just wanted a simple setup for exercising their right to free speech. The total cost for setting up this site? $270 plus hosting. Sure, they could have used blogger, or some other “free hosting” for their blog but this client understood that “free” doesn’t really mean “free” at all, it actually means “trapped.” They decided to choose real liberty and have complete control over their domain, their software, their database and their copyrights:

Client Site: Fire of Liberty, USA

Exercise Your Right to Free Speech!

Call Monday thru Friday, 6am to 6pm Pacific Time:

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