An Open Secret

Most everyone thinks that when you design a website the first thing you have to decide is what color it should be. Actually, that is probably the last thing you need to consider. The big secret is that the first thing you need to decide is what you expect your website to do for your business. If you want a website that gets lots of hits and converts those hits into footprints on the floormat of your front door there are numerous details that need to be researched and analyzed — and then used to design the information on your site.. Good information design is essential, without it, the most beautiful website will be virtually worthless for bringing in new business…

One of the artists at the next client site called me the other day to thank me for more than $400 dollars in business that walked in his door from google searches in one single day. This $1,800 site has paid for itself multiple times in the past year. Nick didn’t think it would work when we first rolled out their new site — 10 months later he is a true believer:

Lately… I have been creating websites for friends that own “brick and mortar” businesses. Each one of these businesses has been trying to minimize their sales costs by looking for a more cost effective way to drive foot traffic in the front door — and expand their customer base locally!

That is what makes sites that I design very different from the web developers you hear from everyday. What I do goes far beyond anything your current web developer is likely even aware of. This insider knowledge makes all the difference… Just ask these guys, and I mean pick up the phone and call them (Phone number is on their website, ask for Shaun or Nick):

Client Site: Falling Moon Tattoos: Ventura, California USA

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