Yet Another Web Designer?

I’ve been programming computers for more than 20 years as a personal skill, as a full time job, and as an extra skill in other technical jobs using networks and the public Internet. Because I have a wide breadth of experience from many different perspectives I have seen the big picture of how to use data and information science to reach specific goals. This is not an academic exercise: seeing the big picture clearly is how real diamonds are found…

With the economy down, lots of businesses are struggling for customers and don’t have the hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month needed to pay for conventional media. The once venerated yellow pages ad is losing more each year as cultural changes force it out of relevance for many customers. In fact, changes in technology are occurring so fast now that it is hard for most folks to even guess what will be relevant next month. Not surprisingly, the solution to both problems is focus. Focus on what really drives a brick and mortar business: customer foot traffic.

I know, I know, it is 2012. I know of dogs that have their own websites, no doubt you do too. Do you ask your new customers how they found out about you? Do you ever hear: “I found you on, I was searching for a hair salon in my area…” Yes? Good Job! — No? We need to talk…

Do you need foot traffic? Do you need calls for appointments? Do you run a hair salon? An ethnic restaurant? A local bakery? A brew pub? A hobby shop? A bicycle shop?, A coffee house? A second hand store? Are you a Chiropractor? Maybe you are an Herbalist? In short, for most any business that needs foot traffic — my method is exactly what you are looking for. So keep reading, you will be glad you did.

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